PayPal Setup and Paying Partners

This document will cover the process for setting up your PayPal account for both Merchants and Partners to send and receive payments.


Setting up PayPal Payments

Setting PayPal Payout Integration for Merchants

In order to pay partners, merchants will need to setup their PayPal configuration by navigating to Settings > PayPal Payouts.

In order to get the needed credentials, you need to have an active PayPal account. Login to your PayPal account and visit:

Here you will be able to "Create an App". Be sure to select "Platform App". Once this is created, you will have access to the needed credentials to add into your Momentum Dashboard in order to enable payments. Be sure when you are creating the app that it is set to Live.

Setting up partner payments to receive payments

In order to receive payments, partners will need to add their PayPal email address in Settings.

Paying Partners

How to pay partners

Merchants can see all the information about the past and upcoming payments by navigating to Dashboard > Payments.

On this page all records of their partners payments are displayed. Payment status and other information is presented.

Statuses include:

  • Pending: the payment is not made yet and it’s due in the current period (the payment period explained below)
  • Due: the payment is not made and the due period is passed, which actually means the payment is late
  • Paid: Merchant has paid the payment
  • Rejected: Merchant has rejected the payment

Setting payment dates

To set net payment dates visit Settings > General

Net payment terms will set the period from the partner's date of first sale. After that period of days has passed the final day of the payment period, the partner's payment will be due.

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