This article is for all items concerning Offers. Offers are where merchants can create new campaigns for their partners and affiliates to promote. We will cover how to create your first offer and how to edit your offer.



Creating Offers

Navigate to the Offers section in your Dashboard

Clicking Add New Offer will open your new offer window. Here you will be able to do the following:

  • Name your offer
  • Set Start and End Date (optional)
  • Select Product/Collection/or Entire Store
  • Add a description to the offer that the partner will see in their dashboard
  • Define partner commissions and customer discounts
    • Merchant's will be able to specify tier specific discounts and commissions for all active tiers
    • If no tiers are selected, the lowest tier will automatically be enabled
    • Discounts can either be a % discount or a Fixed ($) amount.
  • Merchant's can active and deactivate tiers that have their own offers as needed

Editing Offers

In order to edit, delete, or mark an offer as the Default Offer you can navigate to the Offers section in your dashboard and click on the Action Icon (3 vertical dots) and select the relevant action.

What is a Default Offer ?

The Default Offer option will the the offer that is will appear on the Main Dashboard when a partner logs into their portal. Typically we recommend this to be either a storewide discount, or for a popular product on your website.

Note: Editing or deleting offers can be a critical change. We recommend that all partners are fully aware of the change to avoid any confusion on agreed upon terms.

You can easily edit the offer name, status, as well as commissions/discounts for all offers.


Partners have access to the list of offers created for the tiers they belong to. 

To see the list of offers Partners navigate to Dashboard > Offers.

Partners can see all the offer related details in the table such as the commission and the discount their customers will receive.

In order to promote the offer and make sales every partner is provided with a unique URL and coupon code. All they need to do to generate it is to click the Action Icon (3 dots) available in the Action Column > Click the Action Button > Copy the URL or coupon code.

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