Partners & Tiers

This document will cover both Partners and Tiers. The merchant has the ability to manage Partners through the dashboard. Part of managing partners is setting tiers and tier goals to help incentivize and reward high performing influencers, affiliates, and partners.



Partner Management

In the partner management tab, partners are listed in 3 separate tabs:

  • Active Partners
  • New Requests
  • Inactive Partners

When partners sign up they will be added to a queue for the merchant to approve their request and gain access to the partner dashboard. The queue is available to see in the New Requests tab of the Partner Management page. Once approved or rejected, the partner will either appear as active or inactive respectively.

In addition to manual approval, merchants can also enable auto-approve new partners if they want partners to signup and have instant access to the their dashboard without having to go through an approval process.

Creating New Partners

Besides partners signing up through the merchant's portal, merchants have the ability to add new partners through the Partner Management page. In order to create a new partner account, you will need a valid email address and password to be set of the account to be activated.

You can also sent an invite to a new partner through the Partner Management page by adding an email and having an invite request sent to the new prospective partner.


Tiers are levels or milestones the merchant can create for partners to achieve and upgrade their account status to higher tiers to benefit from better offers and commissions.

Managing Tiers

Tiers are available as a part of the Standard and Pro plans.

The number of tiers a merchant can create depend on the plan you are subscribed to. You can check plans here.

Partner's tier levels upgrade automatically based on their performance. The performance criteria is defined by the merchant when creating the tiers. This is called goal measurement type.

Goal Measurement Type

Goal measurement type is the parameter based on which the merchant and partner measure their performance and partner progress. There are 4 goal measurement types:

  • Total Lifetime Sales
  • Monthly Sales
  • Total Lifetime Products Sold (SKU Quantity)
  • Monthly Products Sold (SKU Quantity)

For this reason, all tiers will have a single measurement type after being set in order to have consistency across all tiers and partners. You will be prompted to select tier type at the creation of the first tier.

For companies that sell higher ticket items, SKU Quantity might be a better tool of measurement. For companies that have lower ticket items, the dollar amount of "Sales" amount might be more appropriate. Ultimately it is up to you as the merchant to decide what fits best.

Editing Goal Measurement Type

It is important to note, that once the measurement type is set, it cannot be changed without a full reset of all tier goals.

Please be sure to communicate this with all your partners prior to any major changes as it will reset their tier level which may be problematic.

Merchants can edit Goal Measurement Type from the Settings page in your Dashboard.

Creating New Tiers

To create a new tier, the merchant can go to the Partner Tiers tab in their dashboard and click on the Add New Tier button.

In the case no tier is created yet the Merchant will be offered to select a Measurement type for all the tiers.

For every tier that the merchant creates they will need to define the minimum value that is needed to be met to achieve the goal. 

For example if the goal measurement parameter selected Total Sales and the value for ex. ‘Gold Tier’ is set to $5000 it means that a partner needs to make at least $5000 in Total Sales to reach the Gold Tier.

For the very first tier the value is defined as 0 by default and it can’t be changed. The reason is making sure that every partner belongs at least to the lowest tier before they will start selling and making progress towards higher tiers.

Editing Tiers

To edit a tier, the merchant can navigate to the tier's page in their dashboard. From their they can click on the Action Icon(3 dots) located on the right side of the tier they wish to edit and edit the tier as they please.

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