Content Library & Branded Pages

This documents two main sections will cover Momentum's Content Library and Branded Pages features. Both are powerful tools in helping merchants empower their affiliate and influencer partners to achieve success.


Content Library

The purpose of Content Library section is to allow merchants to upload lists of images which their partners can use in their promotional campaigns. Merchants can upload the same image in varying sizes and aspect ratios to make it easier to fit for specific social channels. Partners can have access to the uploaded images and download these images for use in their marketing campaigns.

Adding new content

An empty form opens which needs to be filled in by the Merchant.

Merchant will fill in the following information:

  • Product name
  • Uploads an image
  • Add Content info
    • This will typically be the name of the platform the size of the image is best suited for. It can also simply be the dimensions of the image (ex. Facebook Post 1200x1200). However you can name as desired.
    • You can add up to 10 images per post (varying ratios and sizes)

Editing content

To edit images, all you need to do is click on the image of the created product/image which opens the same in edit mode.

To edit image/image name you can select the relevant image from the list (the selected image has a blue stroke) and easily edit it.

Downloading & saving images

As a partner you can download and save images to use in your creative campaigns. All you need to do is:

  • Click on the product image opening a detail page
  • Click the download icon on the size you desire to use

Branded Pages

Branded pages are descriptive content about specific products or collections to help the partner understand more about the product and use the provided content in their promotions.

Creating new pages

Momentum provides an easy to use, drag and drop page builder tool for creating fully customized branded pages.

To create a new Branded Page, navigate to the Branded Pages section in your Dashboard. From there you can navigate to create a new page. From here you will have all the tools at your disposal to create a page that best fits your brand's image and feel.

There is specific limit on how many branded pages you can create. However, there is a limit on the available slots to display your featured branded pages on the partner's dashboard and menu. For the pages you want to have featured, just select the "Display on Left Menu" or "Display on dashboard" checkboxes on your page.

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