Customizing dashboard, portal, and users

This document will cover how to customize your merchant and partner dashboard. It will also cover how to add new admins to your merchant account for additional team members.


Customizing merchant and affiliate dashboard

Merchants can customize both their own as well as their partners’ dashboards by navigating to Settings > Customization.

Store name and logo

The first option in Customization is setting your store name in logo. Setting these options will make it visible both in your Merchant and Partner dashboard.

Setting dashboard assets

Merchants can choose to display their featured Branded Pages and/or Top Selling Products on the Partner's dashboard. Select/Deselect the relevant checkboxes.

Setting branding colors

In order to keep brand fidelity between your e-comm store and Momentum dashboard, you're able to customize the dashboard for both your merchant portal as well as your partner dashboard.

Partner login customization

Partner login page is also available for customization, including both the Sign-up and Sign-in page.

Items you can customize include:

  • Logo
  • Store Name
  • Description
  • Image

Adding & managing merchant admin users

Every merchant will be able to create users who will have the same level of access in the given merchant’s account. This feature can be helpful when a merchant needs other team members to participate in managing their own account. This user role is called Merchant admin.

The number of Merchant admins a Merchant can create depends on the subscription plan.

Creating merchant admins

To create a new admin account, go to Settings and click on Merchants Admins

Clicking the button will open a form where the new user’s information must be filled in. 

The created user’s password should be provided to the given person manually.

The merchant can deactivate a Merchant admin by deselecting the checkbox shown in the screenshot below. Deactivated users can’t login to their accounts.

Edit merchant admins

Merchant admins’ profiles can be edited both by merchants and by the merchant admins themselves .

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